Riding Road Speed Changes

Principal Petitioner Tora Waldren, Fairfield
Date Closed Wed, 25 Dec 2019 This epetition has ended
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With recent incidents and accidents occurring on Riding Road in the Hawthorne/Balmoral/Morningside areas, it is a critical time to re-evaluate the speed limits approaching pedestrian crossing in the area. I'd like to draw the public’s attention to Thursday 22/08/2019, when two young children were hit by a turning vehicle while crossing at the designated pedestrians crossing on Riding Road adjacent to the very populated and busy Hawthorne Park. With a high number of schools in the district, recreational facilities and sporting grounds, the area attracts large numbers of children (all ages), young adults and seniors. All of which deserve the right to be safe while crossing the road! Regardless of the particular offending drivers attentiveness to the road and others, intersections along this road are very hazardous with vehicles manoeuvring frequently onto/off Riding Road onto perpendicular streets. I have witnessed accidents, near misses and heavy aggression by drivers along this road due to the excessive speeds. It is not safe for pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, workers and children in this highly populated and busy area.

I am requesting a 10km/hr speed reduction approaching all pedestrian crossings along Riding Road. An additional request is to have flashing signals warning of the pedestrian crossings at all intersections coming out onto Riding Road, as well as along it approaching the crossings.