Community Garden: SAY NO to James Warner Park Proposal, Kangaroo Point

Principal Petitioner Loretta Whyte, Brisbane
Date Closed Thu, 31 Oct 2019 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 28 signatures

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Residents draw to the attention of the Brisbane City Council and the Lord Mayor, to NOT approve or proceed with the proposed Community Garden at James Warner Park in Kangaroo Point. This would mean resuming much of an existing small community park regularly used as a quiet, shaded and safe play area by many picnickers and local families with small children.

The Park also supports its own riverside eco-system including mangroves, water dragons, stone curlews, spur winged plovers, parrots, magpies, kookaburras and scrub turkeys. It is an integral part of an almost continuous, green riverside link from the Captain Cook Bridge, along the Kangaroo Point Cliffs to Holman Street. Residents are opposed to turning an already existing open, green, public park enjoyed by many into a series of small dirt plots only able to be used by a few.

The petitioners draw the Council's attention to the following concerns:
* Kangaroo Point has the highest population density in Brisbane and cannot afford to lose any existing green, open, public family-friendly space
* The amount of park to be affected and resumed is unclear with estimates ranging from 50sqm to 2,000sqm for raised garden beds and associated paths
* Plantings of vegetables, fruits and any associated composting will attract rats and other vermin
* Fencing or netting will have to be installed to protect the garden from wildlife such as scrub turkeys and possums
* There is no provision for the storage of equipment, fertilizers and chemicals
* Lack of daily supervision and on-going support will result in the garden becoming an eyesore and/or abandoned
* Parking space for locals near the park is already severely limited
* Location and very high existing foot traffic mean the garden will be subject to vandalism
* The use of the garden area will be restricted, and any produce harvested will be only to a very small group of participants

Your petitioners therefore request Council to NOT approve or construct a community garden in James Warner Park, and request Council to find a more suitable location.

Council response

The proposed site has been assessed for suitability as a community garden and was found to be affected by flooding. It is located within a waterway corridor and any community garden infrastructure in this location would be severely impacted. In addition, the proposed location is within a small park which functions as a local informal park.

Due to the above reasons, the proposed location was determined to be unsuitable for the establishment of a community garden. Council aims for community gardens to be successful community-managed spaces that contribute to the health and wellbeing of neighbourhoods through their process of growing flowers, fruit and vegetables, teaching each other and fostering friendships. Therefore, establishing a community garden in a park that will be impacted by flooding would reduce its chance of success.

Council officers will provide the proponents of the community garden with suitable alternative locations with an aim to ensure the garden has every opportunity of success.