Climate Emergency Declaration

Principal Petitioner Jared Franks, West End
Closing Date Wed, 01 Jan 2020
No. of signatures 165 signatures

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We, the working families, students, businesses and residents of Brisbane, hereby call upon the Brisbane City Council, its Councillors and public servants, to immediately and without further delay or deliberation, make a resounding Climate Emergency Declaration.

Recently released updated IPCC reports clearly advise us that not only are the affects of Climate Change being felt right now, they are in fact accelerating. This poses a very real and existential threat to millions of people and vital ecosystems around the world, with ongoing droughts and recent fires here in Queensland a mere taste of what is to follow. Given this updated knowledge and spike in urgency, it is inexcusable for any government or council to continue with climate-damaging policies that put us all at greater risk.

In support of the Climate Emergency Declaration, we further call for the immediate creation of a Climate Emergency Response Officer role (to be expanded in due course to a dedicated department with full compliment of staff) at the BCC, to closely monitor various United Nations environmental and meteorological updates, and to liaise with Australian meteorological services, relevant CSIRO and University departments, state emergency services and local government in order to keep Council members and Brisbane residents up to date with the latest climate science, and, to advise as to what local measures are required to address the primary threats via a dedicated BCC Climate Emergency website.

Climate science urges us to prepare for widely varied and unpredictable, temporary and prolonged, extreme weather events, and we must heed the warnings and ensure the protection of water and food sources, with a vastly expanded network of desalination plants (mechanical and evaporative solar stills) and water pipeline infrastructure, to safe guard our food production regions, drinking and fire fighting water supplies.

The Council must also work together with local government to expand flood and fire response services and asset acquisitions, including a push for the acquisition of a fleet of large, purpose built fire fighting aircraft. No towns regardless of population size should be left high and dry to ‘fend for themselves’, and neither can we sit idly by as vast tracks of forests burn and release massive of amounts of CO2. We must work together in nothing less that an unprecedented effort, a ‘war-time’ economic mobilisation as we have achieved in the past, for the protection of all peoples, economies, species, and ecosystems that support the continued habitation of our rare and beautiful planet. We must mobilise the required resources and take effective action at the necessary scale and speed such as the crisis warrants, transforming our economy to zero emissions now, with the goal of becoming a world leading Negative Emissions economy with a roll out of industrial scale air filtration plants at multiple locations around Brisbane.

Furthermore, we can utilise and expand new and old technologies to draw-down greenhouse gases and stimulate our economy by exporting timber (engineered structural and furniture timber) from plantations to be grown on already cleared land, the development of an off-shore seaweed farming industry, and the exporting of salt and hydrogen. We must achieve the seemingly impossible, in an improbable time frame through radical, decisive and unprecedented action, and to encourage governments around the world to follow suit, presenting an opportunity for Brisbane to show true global leadership in wisdom and good conscience.

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