Durack Street - Install additional traffic calming device

Principal Petitioner Alain Ferre, Moorooka
Closing Date Thu, 21 Nov 2019
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Residents draw to the attention of vehicles entering and exiting Durack Street from Ipswich Road entrance drive too quickly for the residential built up area. Durack Street is used heavily by traffic (cars, buses and trucks) 7 days a week, due to it being very easily accessible (entry and exit) from Ipswich Road. Most other streets close by are access limited due to traffic islands. The closest current traffic calming device on Durack Street entering from Ipswich Road is almost half way up the street heading towards the shopping district. This allows traffic flowing in either direction to drive at excessive speeds.

Your petitioners therefore requests another traffic calming device be considered, somewhere close/towards the Ipswich Road and Durack Street entrance/location.

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