Stop proposal to remove car parks and bus stops while introducing extended bike lane to Dornoch Terrace

Principal Petitioner Rebecca Wood, Highgate Hill
Date Closed Sun, 10 Nov 2019 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 35 signatures

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Residents draw to the attention of Cr Krista Adams that elements of the current proposal, identified as the "Dornoch Terrace safety improvements project", that is currently published for community feedback are considered to negatively impact on Residents and community facilities within the street and surrounding area. In particular: • the removal of 115 car spaces, affecting community users and services, residents and visitors to the area; • the removal of existing bus stops, removing these existing facilities seems contradictory to the promotion of public transport and ease of use for residents and community visitors; • the creation of a "double" lane in places from the introduction of an extended bike lane and pedestrian refuges, causing further restriction of views when exiting driveways and creating risk to cyclists from vehicles turning through the bikeway to enter and exit driveways; • the placement of the bikeway immediately in front of driveways on the upper section of Dornoch Terrace with no "safe" space for drivers to check for cyclists before exiting (current arrangement has a 3m zone to enable this to occur as insufficient view lines exist from the footpath to the crest of Dornoch Terrace) and no speed reduction in this zone; and • obstruction of residents driveways and adjacent roadway due to pedestrian refuges proposed to be placed between the bike lane and roadway. This will prevent access for Council rubbish collection, removal / delivery / maintenance trucks and the like, thus increasing risk of temporarily illegally parked vehicles.

Your petitioners therefore request that either: - these elements of the proposal do not proceed; or - are (as a minimum) re-designed to be more appropriate and take better into consideration the residents and community of the street

Council response