Souths Inala Warriors Home Ground

Principal Petitioner David Conlon, Inala
Date Closed Mon, 20 Jan 2020 This epetition has ended
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The Souths Inala Warriors Rugby League Football Club began in 1958 out of the Azalea Street field and operated for many decades into the 1990's. The venue gave the local community hope, enjoyment and a lifetime of memories for those who played. A break of using the field occurred but was later reignited and revived in 2016. We seek to return to our historical home ground by securing a formal lease of the sporting oval at McEwan Park, Azalea Street, Inala. Our Club Mission Statement is to inspire and enrich the lives of families and community members in Inala through the participation of Rugby League as well as providing a positive, safe and well structured environment that is culturally safe, through promoting an active and healthy lifestyle whilst at the same time develop lifelong friendships. We live by our Club motto 'Many Nations, One Community'.

We urgently call on Brisbane City Council and Councillor Charles Strunk, Forest Lake Ward, to support Souths Inala Warriors Rugby League Football Club’s return to its historical home of rugby league and secure a lease of the sports oval at McEwan Park, Azalea Street, Inala.

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