Northgate STOP the Trucks

Principal Petitioner Kim Van-look, Northgate
Closing Date Tue, 02 Jun 2020
No. of signatures 308 signatures

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Residents draw to the attention of BCC to stop oversized vehicles using Northgate road as a thoroughfare between Sandgate and Toombul Roads, which is bringing Industry into a residential area. The trucks are causing irreparable damage to historically significant trees, constant damage to roundabouts and curb and guttering, noise pollution and often traffic jams as trucks bottom out on said roundabouts

The petitioners therefore request that the Council act to preserve the Northgate Road Arbour, adjoining residential infrastructure and maintain our green environment. A solutions based document was previously submitted to Council and residents have not been followed up or provided comment. Additionally, this matter has been brought up at local Neighbourhood watch meetings as a genuine concern and met with indifference. Actions required - improved signage which is enforceable with weight and height restrictions, exploring real options for the Northgate Road/ Gympie street roundabout (lights are not feasible), and consider the previously submitted document as a genuine community concern.

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