Ban LGBTIQ+ programs from Brisbane City Council Libraries

Principal Petitioner Peter Hayden, Runcorn
Closing Date Sat, 13 Jun 2020
No. of signatures 355 signatures

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Residents draw to the attention of the Brisbane City Council the alarming rise of radical LGBTIQ+ programs being propagated in Brisbane City Council Libraries. Such problems include "Rainbow family storytime" and "Drag queen storytime" that are inappropriately being targeted at very young children between the ages of 2 - 5. Such explicit sexual themes are unsuitable for children of such a young age and can lead to problems with their early childhood education and development. A LGBTIQ+ program entitled "safe schools" which was found to be linked to paedophiles was recently banned by the federal government from entering the national school curriculum for similar reasons. LGBTIQ+ programs in many cases are also offensive to the overwhelming majority of Brisbane's heterosexual population as well as its many religious institutions, particularly those of Christian and Islamic faiths. Such LGBTIQ+ can lead to hate speech and vilification of said groups and lead to disruption of the peace which is bad for community cohesion. The introduction of these programs at Brisbane City Council libraries has already resulted in the death of an individual who took his own life because he was bullied and harassed by left wing internet trolls because he dared speak his mind and protested against the introduction of LGBTIQ+ programs at council libraries.

Your petitioners therefore request that Brisbane City Council take immediate action and 1. Permanently Ban all LGBTIQ+ programs and activities from Brisbane City Council Libraries. 2. Remove all LGBTIQ+ literature from Brisbane City Council Libraries. 3. Pass legislation that stops such LGBTIQ+ programs, activities and literature from being reintroduced back into Brisbane City Council libraries in the future. 3. Issue a public apology to all offended individuals and religious institutions who have been vilified by the introduction of LGBTIQ+ propaganda at Brisbane Libraries. 4. Issue a special public apology, commiseration and compensation to the impacted family who are suffering and mourning for the loss of their son who should still be here.

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