Include Anti-discrimination Rules for Petitions

Principal Petitioner Glen Nilsson, Nundah
Closing Date Fri, 17 Apr 2020
No. of signatures 95 signatures

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I've seen a few petitions over the years crop up based on nothing but hatred, ignorance and division. These serve little else but to spread bigotry and justify harassment or oppression. In 1991 the Queensland Parliament passed the Anti-Discrimination Act which aims to protect people in Queensland from unfair discrimination, sexual harassment and other objectionable conduct and provides a means to bring a complaint and have it resolved. (Anti-Discrimination Act 1991; Second Reading Speech for the Anti-Discrimination Bill 1991 as a PDF file from Hansard, 26 November 1991, pages 3193 to 3197.) It makes little sense not to include an anti-discrimination prerequisite rule to not allow a small group of angry, unreasonable and discriminating people to assert their will on others. Brisbane voted 80% in favor of Equal Marriage. Let's continue to foster unity instead of division.

This petition demands a new prerequisite rule for creating petitions on the Brisbane Council Website to coincide with the 1991 Anti-Discrimination Act. No more divisive petitions.

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