Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner, Apologise To Brisbane LGBTQIA+ Community

Principal Petitioner Johnny Valkyrie, Bridgeman Downs
Date Closed Tue, 31 Mar 2020 This epetition has ended
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Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner has failed to enforce Brisbane City Council policy pertaining to petitions submitted on the ePetition platform. The guidelines for submitting an ePetition with Brisbane City Council state that petitions must be respectful, decorous and temperate and not contain any language which is offensive or likely to be offensive to any member of the public. However, Schrinner has decided to forgo this policy in favour of what he calls healthy and robust democracy. He stated that council does not get into the field of censorship of democratic petitions that are put up on its website. This is in direct contradiction with council policy, and indeed relevant official policies of the council pertaining to diversity, inclusion and respect. These are direct quotes from Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner to The Brisbane Times; 16 January 2020. I want to stress again, Brisbane is a tolerant and diverse community and we need to do what we can to protect that and to support the tolerance of diversity in our community this is why we run a whole range of events and festivals, including in our libraries, to support a diverse and tolerant community. 30 January 2020 If we start dictating to people the type of words they should use in their petitions to council, then people would rightly question why this censorship is going on in a healthy and robust democracy.

This petition demands accountability, apology and amendment from Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner.
1. Accountability Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner must be held accountable for failing to enforce council policy on two petitions to Brisbane City Council that denigrates LGBTQIA+ people. Schrinner must address and uphold the official policies of the Brisbane City Council relating to LGBTQIA+ people.
2. Apology Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner must apologise publicly, and officially to the LGBTQIA+ community in Brisbane for defending and enabling homophobic, transphobic and otherwise offensive content to be petitioned to Brisbane City Council. Schrinner must also formally apologise and provide his support to those affected by the Drag Queen Storytime Protest at Brisbane City Council Library on Sunday 12 January 2020.
3. Amendment Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner must organise removal of the offending petitions in line with Brisbane City Council policy for ePetitions. Schrinner must also organise establishment of anti-discrimination policies to safeguard marginalised communities with protected characteristics as outlined in State Anti-Discrimination Law and the Queensland Human Rights Act.

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