Reduce support to News corp media

Principal Petitioner Beau Allen, East Brisbane
Closing Date Fri, 31 Jul 2020
No. of signatures 10 signatures

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Residents draw to the attention of the Brisbane City Council's exclusive support of newscorp media in public spaces. The newspapers the Courier Mail and Australian are predominantly bought and placed in council run premises and in the Brisbane City mall and King George square huge TVs broadcast sky news. Having one commercial media outlet have so much access and support from the council shows bias. This media is not following journalist standards for reporting on climate change. They are activists for denouncing BOM, NASA, CSIRO and Australian Academy of Science. In a statement on how media can influence how climate change is understood by the public from the Australian Science Media Centre (AusSMC): “These sorts of comments highlight the difference between opinion and science. News reporting on climate change is often factual and accurate, but what people see in the daily news agenda is a combination of news reports alongside other influential voices, which often do not reflect the scientific evidence. This creates confusion, uncertainty and apathy among the public, even when the science is quite clear. Experts repeatedly tell us that in recent decades there has been an increase in the length and intensity of the fire weather across much of Australia, and that climate change is contributing to this change ( Climate-2018/Report-at-a-glance). We encourage the media to ensure that their narrative reflects the best available evidence.” The Brisbane City council has a duty to ensure that the information they are providing to the public is not intended to mislead personal opinion as factual or accurate information.

Your petitioners therefore request all newscorp papers and tv media such as the Courier Mail, the Australian and Sky News no longer be given exclusive access to council operated premises.

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