Save Lives Fix Ipswich Rd Annerley

Principal Petitioner Cr Nicole Johnston Cr Steve Griffiths, Fairfield
Closing Date Thu, 30 Jul 2020
No. of signatures 315 signatures

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For too long the LNP Council Administration has neglected road safety issues in Annerley. Their inaction has seen unnecessary deaths, significant injuries, traffic congestion and a lack of amenity for local residents who must use Ipswich Rd and its feeder streets. The lack of planning and investment for the southern suburbs transport infrastructure is wrong and must change. With Annerley being split between two wards along Ipswich Rd, Moorooka and Tennyson, both Cr Griffiths and Cr Johnston will work with residents over coming months to ensure pedestrian, cycling, public transport and traffic safety in Annerley is improved. Over the past five years there have been 95 recorded crashes, 9 involving pedestrians in the survey area (Ipswich Rd between Annerley Rd and Cracknell Rd) and one death on Venner Rd. Ipswich Rd is a well-known state-wide top five accident hot spot. Traffic volumes are forecast to almost double over the next 12 years to move than 100,000 vehicles per day. But yet again Council has let Annerley residents down by refusing to take action. This LNP Council has undertaken a number of reviews, including Move Safe and a Pedestrian Road Safety Review but has not acted on the recommendations. Other promised reviews are being kept secret.

We the undersigned call on Council to work with the Annerley Community to fix Ipswich Rd and revitalise Annerley by:
1. Undertaking a feasibility study for a tunnel bypass under Ipswich Rd to reclaim surface streets for local traffic movements, better public transport, cycling and pedestrian infrastructure;
2. Reducing the speed limit through Annerley Junction shopping precinct to 40kms;
3. Installing flashing school zone signage to protect JPSS children crossing the road;
4. Upgrading the intersection of Ipswich Rd, Venner Rd and Waterton St to include proper signalised turning lanes;
5. Installing a green arrow or zebra crossing at the intersection of Ekibin Rd and Ipswich Rd;
6. Undertaking a Village Precinct Project in Annerley Junction to improve amenity, safety and revitalise community spaces;
7. Building new footpath, lighting and cycling infrastructure to promote active travel;
8. Delivering better local bus services through Annerley;
9. Delivering the promised Venner Rd Freight Bypass to take trucks off Venner Rd;
10. Delivering traffic calming solutions in Annerley side streets to discourage rat running. Ipswich Rd divides our community and Council must take action before another life is lost.

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