Implement traffic calming devices in Lunga St

Principal Petitioner Andrea Villafane, Carina
Closing Date Thu, 30 Apr 2020
No. of signatures 32 signatures

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Residents draw to the attention of Council the safety and amenity issue associated with Lunga Street, Carina, currently being used and promoted as a 'rat run’. The street (a neighbourhood road under the current Brisbane City Plan 2014) lacks any physical traffic calming devices/traffic management plans from the Council. Lunga Street is in a well-established low-density residential area where most residents have young families and school-aged kids constantly at risk by over speed through traffic. Lunga Street provides direct access to residential properties, where speeding traffic is a constant hazard for residents accessing/leaving their residences.

Your petitioners therefore, request for Council to implement local area traffic management (LATM) by installing but not limited to: • Local Traffic Only status • speed platforms • kerb build-outs (road narrowing) • traffic islands along the entire length of Lunga Street and intersections with Darcy Road, Eleanor Street, and Hendren Street to promote moderate vehicle speeds and provide a safer environment for all residents and the local community.

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