Access to Sikh Temple - Taigum

Principal Petitioner Arvind Singh, Fitzgibbon
Closing Date Thu, 30 Apr 2020
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We regularly visit our community place at 101 Lemke Road Taigum (Sikh Temple- Singh Sabha) mostly during the weekends. Like us there are thousands of residents from the nearby area visit the community place every weekend. Currently the direct access to this property is not available from either side of the road. Before the completion of Telegraph Road Corridor Upgrade Project Stage 2, there was a U-turn facility to the motorist at the inter-section of Handford Road and Telegraph Road. We were expecting a direct access to 101 Lemke Road Taigum considering the patronage and the attendance at the community place during the weekends. Sandgate Hawk, a community club just opposite to 101 Lemke Road have got a direct access from both side of the road. However, we have observed the attendance/participation at this place is much less than the attendance at 101 Lemke Road.

The access to Sandgate Hawk Club should be expanded to convert this to a median turning lane section. This will allow access to the motorist coming/going both sides of the road.

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