Pickering Street safer pedestrian crossing

Principal Petitioner Oliver Manias, Enoggera
Closing Date Thu, 30 Apr 2020
No. of signatures 470 signatures

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Residents draw to the attention of Council the public safety issue when crossing Pickering Street at the intersection of Hurdcotte Street and Station Avenue where the current refuge island is located. This crossing point is especially dangerous for school students, cyclists, parents of childcare centre children and local residents when coming to or from Gaythorne Train Station. Students from Hillbrook School have been injured by cars, the latest incident being this week, thankfully only minor injuries. However this problem needs to be fixed before there is a more serious injury or fatality. Currently at this intersection the combination of limited visibility and confusion over give way rules causes motorists to perform unsafe manoeuvres. At school pick up and drop off times this area becomes extremely hazardous to pedestrians and motorists. It's important to note in the afternoons this also coincides with Tradie knock off time. The exact location is on the corner of 229 Pickering Street, Enoggera.

Your petitioners therefore request that urgent attention is needed by Council to install a signalised crossing at this intersection. The traffic signals will need to have left turn arrow which will remain red whilst pedestrians are crossing the intersection to allow for a safe crossing. If implemented in the appropriate manner this project would also increase traffic flow for Hurdcotte, Tunba and Dalmarnock Streets, which currently struggle at peak traffic times. With increased safety around Gaythorne Train Station more residents will be inclined to use public transport facilities, therefore further reducing congestion. Finally, and most importantly, safety for all pedestrians, cyclists and motorists will be significantly improved.

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