Safer Pedestrian crossing Robinson Rd Aspley

Principal Petitioner Tim Marsh, Aspley
Date Closed Fri, 27 Mar 2020 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 43 signatures

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Residents draw attention of Council to the current pedestrian crossing on Robinson Rd in front of St Dymphnas School. This is often not safe to use when crossing outside of signed school hour times given the speed vehicles are reaching on this road. The position of the crossing at the peak of the hill limiting field of vision, poor evening lighting, morning and evening sun positions creating Sun blindness, the volume of heavy vehicles (that have longer braking distance requirements) and drivers appearing to ignore or not recognise the current crossing signage outside of school hours resulting in a number of near misses. This crossing is used by pedestrians and school students to access the 2 Primary Schools in the area and side streets and footpaths. Both schools have clear support for improvement of this crossing to prevent injury or death. We are lobbying for traffic lights to be installed to reduce serious injuries or incidents especially as this road continues to experience a growing volume of traffic.

Your petitioners therefore request that the pedestrian crossing on Robinson Rd be upgraded to a signalised pedestrian crossing to provide a safe way for pedestrians and school students to cross at all times of the week. This crossing may also contribute to road users staying within the 60km speed limit on this road.

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