Deagon trouble intersections

Principal Petitioner Danielle Chappell, Deagon
Closing Date Tue, 05 May 2020
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Adams Street / Loftus Street / Barclay Street intersection Children / Adults use this dangerous intersection to cross over to get to local schools and to access the Deagon train station. This is a dangerous dog leg intersection with limited visibility when crossing. There are no pedestrian crossings, no traffic lights, no speed bumps or any type of traffic control to facilitate this three-way intersection that is dangerously used by both vehicles and pedestrians. This intersection suffers from certain driver speedy behaviours during peak hour and is also exacerbated with “rat running” behaviour traffic going to other suburbs such as Sandgate and Brighton who wish to avoid the traffic lights in Braun Street. Outside of this there is the normal speeding and carelessness which is of grave concern to those who use that road / intersection both as a parent worrying about your child trying to navigate it let alone you yourself using it. Same dog leg issue is at Braun and Loftus – perhaps if we are doing something at the Adams / Loftus / Barclay we can look to do both at the same time (same street after all)

BCC to place a value on the lives of the children / people and the vehicle drivers who use this intersection on a daily basis and put a safe solution in place. Such as traffic lights or pedestrian crossings and speed bumps in place. Also to address the dangerous behaviours that we are now experiencing due to this intersection with drivers behaving in less than safe ways in order to navigate this intersection themselves.

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