Council Collected Compost Bins for Brisbane

Principal Petitioner Shannon Cooper, Wooloowin
Closing Date Fri, 08 May 2020
No. of signatures 428 signatures

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Brisbane residents throw away approximately 80,000 tonnes of food waste each year. Food that ends up rotting in landfill produces methane gas contributing to around 11% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Compost can help restore nutrients to the soils, reduce the need for chemical fertilisers, enhance water retention and help to sequester carbon from the atmosphere. Other cities Australia-wide have these measures in place and I feel the Brisbane residents would be willing and enthusiastic about supporting this change.

I'm petitioning to have all Brisbane homes supplied with compost bins that council collect weekly to encourage ease and convenience for residents to encourage this change for our environment. Ideally residents would have a small kitchen caddy for inside the home with compostable bag liners and a larger bin for outside the house that would be put out for council collection each week.

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